Long term advice:

Greg is interested in ensuring (as far as possible) that his client knows what he/she is doing, and why. To that end, he puts great effort into helping the client to understand the product and to have the right expectation of it. A comprehensive financial needs analysis is usually done, so that Greg understands his client’s situation and requirements. Recommendations are made accordingly.

He has sound and established relationships with a number of local specialists: wills, trusts, accounting advice and services, provident and pension funds, and medical aids, are all referred to the appropriate people or companies.

Short term advice:

Salochna is very keen on ensuring that her clients have the correct amount and type of cover for their particular needs and circumstances. Much discussion is held around this concept, for the happiest client is the one with the right cover at the right time, at the right rate. She is also very service-driven, and this is seen in the systems and processes which she has in place.

She has very good relationships with our service providers, which results in competitive rates and solid backup when we need it.